wireless care - human touch

Medanets ABS

The results of measurements conducted on patients are recorded and transferred wirelessly into the patient data system - the essential data is available to all users in real time.

Improved quality and patient safety to care processes

The Medanets ABS solution makes patient identification easier and more efficient. The data is always accurate and up to date, and the number of human errors is minimised. Data scattered across a variety of measurement devices and monitoring locations can be integrated into the hospital’s patient data system easily, wirelessly and in real time.

In the Medanets ABS solution, the linking of data to a particular patient is based on the use of RFID identifiers or bar codes. RFID is a proven and standardised technology, and identifiers are readily available commercial products.

A personal digital assistant (PDA) can be used to enter a patient’s vitals and other readings directly into his or her record in connection with an actual care task. The vitals of patients under monitoring can be recoded into the patient data system directly at the monitoring location in an automated way. The monitor data is electronically transferred to the correct location without any paperwork in between.

Medanets Oy’s quality system is ISO 13485 certified.